Business and Private Aircraft Charter

We are you aviation professional consultants.  If you require a charter no matter what the group size, duration, or location.

We provide luxury We fly groups, corporates and leisure travellers to destinations around Australia. Based at Moorabbin Airport, Melbourne; Air RTP provides the comfortable, convenient alternative to commercial air travel

Why Choose Us?

1. Flexibility

When you know exactly where and when you want to travel chartering an aircraft is the best option. Preferred departure and arrival times make organizing your flight that much easier. Chartered aircraft has access to a range of airports, including small regional airports not accessible to commercial airlines. The flexibility isn’t limited to just times and location, we have access, to a variety of aircraft options.  Air RTP can accommodate groups of any size – no matter how large or small. We can get you to where you need to go!

2. Convenience

With air charter, gone are the days of long lines and crowded airports. Keep your shoes on and avoid the hectic scene that is airport security. When chartering an aircraft, there is no reason to arrive two hours ahead of schedule to wait for your plane to arrive – simply show up, get on your plane and go! Chartering eliminates many hassles of commercial air travel.

3. Comfort

Chartering an aircraft offers a higher level of comfort not typically experienced on commercial flights. Get up and stretch your legs whenever you please or lay as far back as you want in your seat – your comfort is of the utmost importance. Your bags go from your hand directly onto the plane, meaning there’s no need to worry about lost luggage!

4. Safety

When it comes to passenger and aircraft safety, the Civil Aviaition Safety Authority (CASA) has the same strict regulations for the air charter industry as it does for commercial airlines. Additional safety comes from the unique opportunity of knowing every single person on the plane.  Your aircraft is for your exclusive use, the only people flying with you are those you invite!

5. Commitment to Quality

Our exceptional quality and service combined with well appointed, spacious cabin layouts set the benchmark for private aircraft charter. Our personalised solutions may include chauffeured transport and concierge services through to accommodation and any other specific requests you may have.

6. Dedication to Customer Service

We offer a dedicated approach to customer service and are committed to providing our clients exclusive charter services with scheduling flexibility, proven reliability and assured discretion. We offer a 24-hour service, 7 days a week serving most airports throughout the Australia.

7. Focus on Safety

Our highly qualified pilots have a wealth of experience and are regularly assessed by our Chief Pilot and external testing officers. Our focus on safety and continual improvement means our clients can relax, knowing their flight is in safe and capable hands. We continually strive to maintain high standards in equipment, safety and security, in accordance with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority regulations, aircraft manufacturer guidance and industry best practice.

8. Reputation for Reliability

Our varied aircraft fleet and locally-based pilots, combined with our extensive history in the charter industry, allows Air RTP to offer a particularly high dispatch rate and level of reliability for our clients. We have a solid track record of providing flexible, efficient, safe and discrete charter solutions to a wide variety of clients from across the globe. Many of our customers are return clients who rely on Air RTP to meet their diverse travel requirements year after year.

9. Competitive Rates

We offer some of the industry’s most competitive aircraft charter rates without compromising on the quality, customer service and high safety standards demanded by our clients. Our aircraft are particularly efficient and reliable. With direct, on-demand services and our proven ability to deliver you to your destination quickly and safely, our clients can be confident they are chartering a service that is excellent value for money.

For Business and Private Aircraft Charter enquiries call 1300FLYING